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That's right! Get the best deal on the best windblocker right now! We're a proud supporter of this forum and we love our Mercedes Benz SLK drivers. Get any logo your heart desires laser-etched for free! Your graphic won't fall off like stickers and decals. Our art team will design your graphic to YOUR specifications. ANYTHING your heart desires can be recreated. Then light it up with one of eight different colors.

We're not just form though. You'll notice a substantial difference in the air flow into your convertible's cabin. Finally, hear your audio system and personal conversations. Our bracketing is a step above most. Compare us to lesser models who use inferior plastic belts and straps. Not only are they unsightly, they're unsafe as well. We're proud to report we've tested our models at over 100mph (about 161kmh) and they stayed firmly in place. Forget rattling and shaking that make your car more noisy than it was before the wind deflector.

Afraid of yellowing and harsh scratches your wind blocker can get from everyday usage? WindRestrictor® proudly uses an Acrylite compound for our wind stopping accessories. Nowhere will you find a sturdier material for the purpose of curbing backdraft. It won't shatter like glass either. Which can be an awful road hazard from some streets and highways. Let me also point out that we're luminous and you can see right through your 'restrictor.

Right now get a FREE lifetime warranty, FREE custom graphics, and a 10% discount off of your purchase for being a member of this forum. It's our way of saying thank you for supporting us over the years. If you have any questions don't hesitate to PM me. Thank you for reading this and welcome to the WindRestrictor® family of auto accessories!

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