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Hi I just received a Safety Recall letter for my November 2015 SLK 250d (9g auto).

It seems the Electronic Stability Programme software does not match current production specification, (whatever that means).
It may in rare circumstances cause the brakes to remain applied after an automatic intervention, (e.g. cruise control). This can cause overheating etc.
Seems the problem can be overcome by manually applying the brakes if they remain on.

I do not know which specific models or years it effects and there is no information about it yet on the UK DVSA website, (other recalls for the SLK are listed).

Just wanted you to be aware :|

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I learned about this today when I went in so see what caused my ESP light to turn on and kick me into limp mode while driving along a highway at about 65 mph.
The adviser said there was a software recall which they will do while doing the diagnostic service. Code not pulled yet as it was extremely short notice and my timing did not match theirs too well, going to pull the codes when I return in a few days.

Here are the vehicles involved in the recall. From
Mercedes-Benz USA is recalling certain model year 2015 SLK 250, 2016 SLK 350, 2016-2017 SLC 300, and 2017 SLC 43 AMG vehicles
The electronic stability control (ESC) system software may incorrectly keep the brakes slightly applied.
Approximately 5,820 SLK and SLC vehicles are affected.
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