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Sacramento Valley SLK Enthusiasts:

MEET: We will meet May 19th 2018, Saturday at 8:30am at Steady Eddy’s, 5 East Main Street Suite A, Winters, CA. 95694. Phone: 530/795-3588. Steady Eddy's Coffee House We will park & meet across the street from Steady Eddy’s in Rotary Park’s parking lot near the gazebo. Bathrooms are located in Steady Eddy’s, or Putah Creek Café.

Villa Ca’Toga House Tour: We need your response (ASAP) to reserve your spot we only have reservations for 20 people. The fee per person is approximately $32.00 - please bring cash to speed up the ticket purchases.

Please be sure to bring your Walkie-Talkies, charged.

DRIVE: We will leave Winters at 9:00am heading along Hwy 128 to the Ca’Toga Galleria D’ Arte in Calistoga.
Phone: 707/942-3900

EVENT 1: We will stop around 10:15am at the Ca’Toga Galleria D’ Arte, 1206 Cedar St, Calistoga, CA. 94515, for a short viewing of the Galleria art works and to pick up our tickets for the Ca’Toga Villa House tour. We will leave the Ca’Toga Galleria D’ Arte at 10:45am for a short drive (about 2 miles) to the Villa.

In 1998, world renowned Artist Carlo Marchiori who founded Ca’Toga Art Galleria, which is an exclusive showcase of his paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures, and ceramics, along with a curated selection of gift and design items. Please check out the following Youtube video on the gallery.

EVENT 2: Tour of the Villa. We will be given a guided tour by Carlo Marchiori, owner of the Ca’Toga Villa, 3061 Myrtledale Road, Calistoga, CA. 94515
Please read the following Villa Ca’Toga House Rules:
1) Please wear low heeled, soft shoes.
2) No photography inside the villa.
3) No pets.
4) No late admissions.

Villa Tour Info: We have arranged for a 1&1/2 hour Villa Ca’Toga House tour hosted by the owner of the Galleria and the Villa Ca’Toga, world renowned Artist Carlo Marchiori. Villa Ca’Toga, as Marchiori has named his estate (which is located on 5 acres), is a fanciful replica of a Palladian-style home, a style seen in Veneto, Italy. Over the years, Ca’Toga has grown and evolved as Marchiori has added marvelous new architectural elements and sculptures. Using ordinary and recycled building materials, he has created a captivating, fantastic fusion of Italian Renaissance art, mythological personalities, and contemplative gardens. Please check out the following video on Youtube below.

LUNCH: We will dine at 1:30pm at Bosko's Trattoria, 1364 Lincoln Avenue Calistoga, CA. 94515, 707/942-9088.
NOTE: Bosko's does not take reservations so we will have to be patient. They have a wide variety of Italian menu options including vegetarian.
Boskos Trattoria Italian Food - Napa Valley - Italian Cuisine Restaurant - Calistoga, California

If you are attending these events please respond to this email to reserve your spot - once we reach 20 people we will stop accepting reservations.

1) Don & John
2) Janice & John
3) Lori + 1
4) Al & Jan

If you are going and on Facebook please click on the link below and select attending, maybe or decline.

If you are not on Facebook, please respond to this email and state that you are attending, maybe or decline.

Thank you
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