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Sacramento Valley SLK Enthusiasts:

Our Holiday dinner will be Sunday December 3rd at 4:00pm at Banderas 2232 Fair Oaks Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95825.
Phone # 916/922-3524.

We all must arrive at 4PM so don’t be late. They do not take reservations so it’s first come first seated. We should be seated in booths holding 4-6 people with separate checks for each couple. You may bring a bottle of wine but there will be a corkage fee.

Parking: The parking at Banderas is very small & has very tight parking spaces and the entrance is on Fair Oaks Blvd. only. They may have a Valet there to park your SLK. If you want you could park in the Safeway parking lot which faces Howe Ave. and then walk around the corner to Banderas. Sacramento Dinner.pdf

Dress code: Business casual.
Cell Phones: All Cell Phone calls should be taken to the lobby or outside.

1) Don & John
2) Sean & Pratida
3) John & Janice
4) Bob & Tessie
5) Ron & Jere
6) Lori & Mindy
7) John & Janice
8) Al & Jan
9) Creighton & Nancy
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