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Sacramento Valley SLK Enthusiasts:

Cheryl & Randy have agreed to lead this event - this will be their 3rd time.

MEET: We will meet at 11:00am at the Hong Kong Islander 5675 Freeport, Blvd., Sacramento, CA. 95822.
Phone#: 916/392-3388.
Celebrate the Chinese New Year, Gong Hey Fat Choy or simply “congratulations and prosperity”.

We will have only 1 check for the entire bill so cash is the only way to pay for the meal, we will split the bill evenly among the dining members.


We need to have a head count ASAP to reserve the tables.
1) Randy & Cheryl
2) Don & John
3) Janice & John
4) Bill & Jack
5) Creighton & Nancy
6) Austria +1

If you are going and on Facebook please select you are going. See link below.

If you are planning to attend, but you’re not on Facebook please respond to this email and state you are going.
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