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Sacramento Valley SLK Enthusiasts - Chinese New Year Dim Sum Luncheon Friday February 15th 2019 11:15am:

MEET/LUNCH/NO DRIVE: Friday February 15th 2019, 11:15am
Thank you, Cheryl & Randy for volunteering to lead this event for a great Dim Sum Luncheon at the Hong Kong Islander, 5675 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, CA. Phone# 916/392-3388 (it’s about one block south of Fruitridge Rd. There is a signal light at the entrance into the restaurant parking lot).

We will have only 1 check for the meal so you will need to bring cash.
We will divide the total check by the amount of people attending.
We do need a head count for lunch no later than February 12th 2019.

You will not be disappointed, this is our 3rd year of doing Dim Sum for the Chinese New Year. This is a great opportunity to experience an excellent Dim Sum meal. They will be shuttling numerous carts around; + Cheryl can help us translate everything we are ordering. You may want to try some different things like Chicken feet or ?. I personally loved the last 2 years we had Dim Sum with our SLK group! I tried so many different things I would have never ordered, but if you have 25+ people there are more options to try different things.

DRIVE: There will be no separate drive.

“Gung Hay Fat Choy”: Wishing you great Happiness and Prosperity! Happy Chinese New Year! May this New Year bring you happiness, wealth, longevity and good fortune!

1) Cheryl & Randy
2) Don & John
3) Tony & Marcella
4) Kathryn & Lloyd
5) Ron B. & Maybe Jere
6) Ampy & James
7) Brett & Paul
8) Janice & John
9) Jeff & Lynn

Not going:
1) Will & Debbie Siino.

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Don, you organise some nice days out.

We need to get you living in the UK :tu:
Myk you should do a Dim Sum Chinese New Years luncheon. It’s so much fun with a lot of people. Since it rains normally in February here we don’t have a drive. We just stuff our tummy & enjoy our SLK friends! Good times!

Would love to come visit your SLK group, I might ask my friend if I can borrow his Amphicar so I could drive over to see you guys! Lol >:D
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