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Sacramento Valley SLK Enthusiasts Oct. 18th 2014 road trip

SLK Members:
We will meet Saturday10/18/2014 at 10:30am at Mercedes Benz of Rocklin, 4747 Granite Drive, Rocklin,CA. (888) 245-8764. There is a Starbucks inside the dealership and Mercedes Benz of Rocklin will pick up the tab for us on drinks we order. They also have a meeting room where we can meet inside in case it rains. The route has not yet been determined - more details coming soon.

We will leave the meet at 11:30am for a drive up to NevadaCity and dine at Bistro 221, @ 221 Broad Street, Nevada City, CA.(530) 265-0221. We have reservations for 20 people only, we can order anything on the lunch menu and separate checks will be given to each couple. There are vegetarian and vegan choices available (but not listed on their web menu) and wine & local beer IPA’s is available.

There is a local live theater company nearby that has plays.

If you plan on attending and are on Facebook please respond by using the link below and select attending,maybe or decline. If you are not on Facebook please respond to this email whether you will be attending, maybe or decline.

SLK’s attending so far:
1) Don & John
2) Debbie Newton + 1
3) Randy & Cheryl
4) Jan & Hans Solo (aka Al)
5) Greg
6) Mike & Suzi maybe
7) Tiana + 1 maybe

Be sure to bring yourwalkie-talkies for the drive and print out and bring your maps, which we willemail out the day before the event.

Thank you
Don Owen
Sacramento Valley SLKEnthusiasts
916/489-6936 Cell
[email protected]
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