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Sac. Val. SLK Enthusiasts SAR Car show Sept. 8 2018

Sacramento Valley SLK Enthusiasts:

We will meet at 9:00am Saturday, September 8th 2018, for the SLK’s who entered for the show (check-in time is 9:00am show starts at 10:00am & ends at 2:00pm) at the Sacramento Association of Realtors (S A R) 2003 Howe Ave, Sacramento, CA.95825. (Howe Ave. & Cottage Way.) for the 1st SAR Annual Car show.
If you want to display your car you must make your $20.00 payment & reservations ASAP, they may run out of spaces so don’t delay. Please contact Madison Hall at 916/922-7711 or email [email protected]. The Auto show is from 10am-2pm & awards may be passed out, so be sure your SLK is in “Showroom condition”. If you just want to go and not display, your admission is $5.00 paid at the entrance whenever you arrive. We will have lunch nearby the car show restaurant to be determined. Please bring cash for lunch as we will not have separate checks!

Don & John (displaying)
Al & Jan (displaying)
Tony & Marcella (displaying)
Melinda L. (displaying)
Motzkoman (displaying)
Randy (displaying)

Please respond on Facebook if you are attending. See link below.

If you are not on Facebook please respond to this email stating going & will display or just attending.

We will be going to Apple Hill Saturday September 22nd so reserve that date please, more details soon on that SLK Drive.
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