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Saab Automobile, the former GM branch, is getting ready for an electric vehicle offensive.

National Electric Vehicle Sweden, the company that currently owns the assets of Saab, plans to launch four new models by the year 2018. Along these four models, the company will also sell the electric version of the Saab 9-3, SaabBlog reports. The company claims the 9-3 is significantly upgraded and will debut in 2017. Shortly after the midsize car debuts, the four remaining models will be launched.

NEVS’ plans for the future Saab range include a compact SUV, a midsize crossover, a midsize SUV and a midsize fastback, along with the midsize sedan already mentioned. The new cars will be assembled in Tianjin (China) while the major components required will be manufactured at the old Saab factory in Trollhattan (Sweden).

The first units will be sold in China and Sweden in the first half of 2017. The company intends to expand its commercial network in Europe and the United States of America over the course of the same year. The Chinese company that owns Saab wants to target the “green independent” segment. According to their own explanations, this segment consists of customers that appreciate nature and are also interested in SUV/crossover body styles.

After securing funding and exiting reorganization, the guys at NEVS are working on a factory retooling process at their Trollhattan plant. The company also signed new partnerships and gained new shareholders, extended their board and started an extensive recruiting process. Saab’s new owners claim they want to be more than a carmaker and become suppliers of mobility solutions.

As the NEVS name states, the company plans only to develop electric vehicles. With proper funding, good marketing and quality craftsmanship, Saab may rise from the ashes to become a profitable company. Until that time, the Chinese-owned brand has to secure funding while they invest in the development of a new range of cars that will hopefully be competitive by the time they reach the market.

I would love to see the rebirth of the old 96.:smile::smile:

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