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You know how many times I have seen that it is scary.

What you’re about to see is probably illegal in a lot of the civilized countries. Cars damaged so bad should probably be written off but in Russia things are always different. Considering how many dash cam videos we’ve seen from Putin’s homeland featuring terrible crashes, this is probably the norm back there. After all, why let a major car crash get in the way of driving your car, right? Especially if it’s not your fault.

Getting back to the matter at hand here, the mechanic does seem to be quite good at his job. The man carefully picks where the welds will be done and where to cut, so that the end product is as close to a brand new car as possible. Then he gets to work. The end result is simply stunning and you’d have some serious trouble trying to figure out if this car was thrashed so bad without a background check.

We can only assume that intact rear end that was attached to the original car came from a similarly destroyed vehicle that had an incident of identical magnitude up front. And while that may remain a secret, the fact that people are repairing crashed luxury cars to make a quick profit will not. Hopefully, this video will convince more and more potential buyers to do background checks before purchasing a second-hand car.

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