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rumble from rear

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I've noticed my 350 has some vibration/rumbling from the center rear of the car. Its not that loud but almost sounds like a loose exhaust is rattling against the chassis (but its not).

It's sometimes noticeable at idle and cornering at about 25mph. It's loudest when reversing.

Because it can happen when the car is stationary, I think it's something to do with the driveshaft.

Has anyone experienced this before?
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You won't get a rumble from the driveshaft (or the diff) when the car is stationary ..

It's going to be exhaust or engine / gearbox related if it's happening whilst the car isn't moving ...

Post a video or audio clip maybe ... that might help us to pinpoint it ..
I have just changed the exhaust pipe connector clamps at the rear, they were very corroded and i could almost remove the worst one by hand. Have a look at yours? There is also a exhaust crossbrace on some models were the pipes seperate for left and right that i have seen corrode through and vibrate.
Had a rattle under the rear centre of my daughter's SLK 320 until I removed the rear cats.
Exhaust heat shield?

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