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Rotor "flange" to large of a diameter.

Life has been busy so I finally got a chance to try to change my aftermarket wheels and cold weather tires for my OEM wheels and summer tires. After changing over the rear tires I had a horrible time trying to fit one of the front wheels on.

In November I had new brakes and rotors installed by my independent service shop. After a 20 minute struggle, I measured and realized that the flange that extends from the disc is about 5mm or a 1/4 inch larger diameter than the diameter of my OEM wheel. The aftermarket wheel is fine on the disc. I have a good relationship with my mechanic and need to give him a call tomorrow. Does anyone think it is possible to machine down the flange or is it a necessary part of the mechanics?

So I had to change out the summer for winter on the back. Next time, I will begin in the front of the car.


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