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roof sync

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In Feb,roof stopped working.Dealer diagnosed out of sync,fixed for basic diagnostic fee $169+.
Happened again last week, before I run to dealer, will disconnecting battery for 20 mins possibly resync roof?
OK will have to reprog Sirius Kenwood aftermarket radio but have to ask!
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couldn't hurt but make sure you have radio code if your hu requires it
disconnect for a minimum of 30 mins
reconnect and reset clock.
god luck :D
I 'll have to get Sirius to resend activation code and I forgot the clock!
you can just go to sirius website and put in your info and do it yourself.
might not even need reactivation and it is not a reactivation as it is a 'hit' to your unit from them

of course make sure u r outside so sat can see you :D
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