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I bet Wood Panels in the living room will make a comeback too.:|

You have to wonder - with such a prolific range of unique or limited edition vehicles, could it be that their number is actually greater than that of the regular Phantoms? Cause if that were the case, you'd better hurry and buy one today, as they might be worth a fortune in the future given their scarcity.

All joking aside, Rolls-Royce has announced the launch of a new one-off Phantom that was inspired by a classic yacht. Because, you know, the moment you see a yacht, classic or otherwise, your mind immediately start thinking about cars in general and Rolls-Royces in particular.

The car's ties with the nautical world go beyond its name - Rolls-Royce Phantom Nautica - and extend to the two-tone paint scheme. The upper part of the body is finished in Arabian Blue, while the lower end uses a different color named Orchid White. The famously hand-painted coach line replicates the Arabian Blue color and also uses an anchor motif.

Inside, a sailor would feel right at home since he might find the repeated anchor motif very similar to the tattoo on his forearm - the one he got that night in Tanger when he was really drunk. Of course, the Rolls-Royce version is a lot more classy.

If you get the feeling we're too harsh on the car, you're probably right. We have to admit that if you ignore the arguably uninspired anchor motifs, the interior looks absolutely superb. There's enough wood to keep you warm for days should you end up on an isolated island (provided you can start a fire) and the chosen Forest Fall leather color looks so good, you can almost feel how soft it is to touch.

If all this doesn't make you feel like a captain, then this last bit might just do the trick: inside the dashboard, there's a drawer, and inside that drawer, there's a golden compass specifically designed for this unique Rolls-Royce. Oh, wait, does that mean it comes without sat-nav?
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