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Alright guys...figured I'd start a thread so you guys can follow me through the process and maybe help me out along the way.

I've found most of the answers lurking through the forums the past couple yrs..but there may have been a few things I've missed or forgot about.

I'll update this week with pics and such later.

All my parts came in so I'll try and post pics of everything I do this week sometime

I'll be instaling fixes for codes this week...

P0443- evap purge control valve
P0500 -lateral acceleration sensor yaw control.
I also ordered some factory interior paint for the flakey center console,doors and glove box.

Also will be fixing my varrio hood problems..I have saggy headliner..and my top sticks trying to take it down...I'm guessing its sticking cause of the latch center if I give it a bump..and I lost the Lil center cap that was in the maybe some Florida salt air got to it...

This cars originally from AZ..I'm the second owner...I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS CAR THE FIRST DAY I SEEN IT!!! It was my sister's lol took me over 10yrs to finally get if from her lol!!

So between AZ and FL and BACK a couple drive ever in a SLK!! Maybe the components got a Lil wear from the elements

So stay tuned. I'm sure I'll be needing help!!

First issue is how to take the center console out to get to the Lateral acceleration sensor.
I'm thinking I should just take The whole thing out since I got the factory paint in

Oh..speaking of the interior paint!!! I've ordered the one for my car..and they sent me some candy for free!!!! How awesome was that!?!
Fat kid problems lol!!!

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Hopefully he has subscribed to his thread and will be notified
He also seems to have moved to Texas from Florida based on his ip address :D
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