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Hi there!

Since there is a snow storm outside and I don't have anything else to do, I have decided to put a "few" pics of our road trip we have taken in September 2012. We are fom the small country called Slovenia, between Italy, Austria, Coratia and Hungary. Me, my wife and couple of friends have decided to go for a road trip for almost a week through the Italian and French alpes, Provance and back by the French Riviera - Cote D'azur.

We have started first day by going over 4 mountain passes, from which the last one was the most Famous - Stelvio.

San Boldo pass - Very interesting road, more info on:

Moena - place on one of those mountain passes.

We have seen many small and very inteesting Italian towns...

Strep hills and strange vehicles :tu:

We were forced to stop our "race to the top of Stelvio" because of some road works - that was the opportunity for some photo shoot (Stelvio pass in the background)...

Afer the road was opened again, we have continued to the top...

It was not decalred one of the best roads in the world by accident...

"We" have spend some time strolling through the shops in the Provance...

seeing wonderful nature ...

driving through some fantastic places and roads....

Castellane - Fr


Ovenighting in some great B&Bs ...

Visiting some great wineries ...

and of course buying some of it for later ....:tu:

Visiting some famous towns like Saint Tropez...

Monte carlo...

and discovering some hidden wonders like Desenzano by lake Garda in Italy...

All in all we have made around 3000km in six days. It was one of my greatest holidays and we are now planing to do some similar road trips in Germany and Austria.



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Very Nice!! Your pictures inspire me to plan a trip.

Next time find a way to take a picture of your car with some of that beautiful scenery in the background, you would surely win the monthly contest!


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Looks fantastic, you seem to have had a great time. Hope our trip to the Dolimites this year is as good.
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