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For all of you residing in and around the GTA, especially East of the City, I am planning to meet up with John (DeFlieger)from Ottawa and his Mistress (Kismet) this Saturday July 16th for a drive and a visit to a couple of wineries in Prince Edward County. I intend an early start, stop for brekky en-route and take the more scenic route following the lake via Newcastle, Port Hope, Cobourg, Brighton, Trenton. It's a Saturday so no rush to get back and fighting off cottage country traffic on the 401 for those of us that have yet to retire:surprise:

It's always a good day out especially when the weather is good- the forecast is sunny skies so should get some good top down motoring in:smile:

It would be great to meet any newbies so if anyone is interested please PM me; wives, husbands, GF, etc welcome. If anyone has had their car stolen or acquired for that day by the other half or the kids but would still like to come along I have a spare seat as my other half is tied up>:D

Hopefully you will join us.
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