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Sadly Gregg has passed away
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This morning I drove along the Wabash River Road from my home to nearby Palestine. The sky was brilliant blue and the sun shone brightly. In 35 miles I met only 1 automobile. Short trips can be among the best!

The small picture is a sign off the road near my home that marks the Sammy L Davis farm. Sammy was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. His unit fell under heavy mortar attack by the North Vietnamese Army. Sammy manned a machine gun to give his fellow soldiers cover fire so they could fire artillery in response. He was severely wounded, but ignored warnings to take cover, taking over the unit's burning howitzer and firing several shells himself. He also disregarded his inability to swim and crossed a river on an air mattress to rescue three critically wounded American soldiers.

This soft spoken unassuming man is the bravest I've ever met. He is a constant reminder of what courage really is............


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