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Hello Everyone,
just sent my car to a local shop for the state's(VT) annual inspection. And it failed due to the front left strut leaking.

Request: Looking for suggestions on replacements for this strut. Independent shop suggests replacing both front struts and "bars'. Price for the (struts) I'm assuming no shocks) seem at bit high at $350 a piece.
I spoke to them, and they will work with me and let me purchase the parts.

Any suggestions on replacements struts and where to grab them? I'm ok with aftermarket, oe, oem, etc.

Looks like Bilstein B4 (22-164858) might be a direct replacment? Can any help confirm that for me?

Car Specifics: 120,000 miles, 2005 slk350 w/amg package VIN: WDBWK56F35F046955. It does appear to be lowered in the back (assuming different springs) but unsure as I purchased it second hand.

(note: I am also going to have the shop install the adjustable camber arms I picked up a while ago, since they will be working on the suspension and need an alignment after).

Thanks for the assist!
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