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Request for a free data card

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Hey folks,
I have a 2007 SLK-55-AMG It has a 5.5 twin turbo engine.
It is Black in Colour with black interior
I am from Michigan also New Bern North Carolina
Hobbies are: Drummer/Singer/Record. Love Cars. I also love to travel and would like to join a SLK group.
I cant give out the vin# because of some legal issues when I purchased the car. When & if I can get this corrected, will give out the vin# If the moderator needs it I can email it to Him.

Maybe this group can give me some advice and feedback.
Excited to be part of this group. Not sure how many members in this group but. it looks like there are a lot.
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I replied to your private message

i only need your vin if you want your datacard :D
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