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Well today was the day.
My thermostat was dead long time ago and the water pump was leaking from time to time causing high temps in a very hot summer here in Greece..
So lets get started.
First you will need to drain the cooling circuit.
There are plenty of ways to do it. One of them is to unscrew the red plastic bolt that is located on the bottom left corner of the radiator. Don't remove the bolt completely, just a few turns will do the job.Remember to remove the radiator cap on the top also.

We will begin with the thermostat, so the next step is to remove the plastic cover which locates in the front of the engine block. Just pull it straight up with gentle moves.

The next step is to disconnect with a flat screwdriver the two hoses that are on the thermostat, and then unbolt the three 10mm bolts.

The thermostat is free at this moment. Just pull it out. Don't forget to remove the seal as well.

Next just put the new seal and the new thermostat in place and roll back the procedure.

Now is the time for the water pump.
First you will need to lose the 4 10mm bolts that holds the pulley to the pump. Just unscrew them a bit but don't remove them.

Then you will need to free the pulley from the v-poly belt. To do that you will have to turn the belt tensioner pulley counter clockwise using a E10 reverse torx. With your other hand you can now free the water pump pulley from the belt.

Now remove the 10mm bolts and the water pump pulley as well. By that time you will have full access to the water pump.

Next step is to remove the three hoses that are connected to the pump.
The front two can be done with a flat screwdriver while the pump is still on the engine, but the third that is on the back side of the pump requires to pull the pump out.
To do so you will need to unscrew the 8 torx screws that are holding the pump in place.

Since the 8 screws are not the same and therefore they have unique places, you will need to mark them somehow in order to place them in the right position when the assembly time arrives. What i did was to place the screws in the exact same order in the new pump's holes. You can draw the back of the pump in a parer as well but...i was kinda lazy to do that :)

When you done the engine bay will look like this:

Scary view but normal:)
Clean up well and remove the remains of the old gasket.
No need for gasket glue. Just a few drops of superglue around in order for the gasket to stay in place until you fit the new pump in place.
Sorry but i couldn't take more pics for two reasons..1st i was way to oily to grab the phone and 2nd the iPhone went out of battery:(
Roll back the instructions to assembly.
Important notes:
Silly but very important: Remember to fill the circuit with coolant BEFORE starting up the engine.
Remember to tighten the draining plug (red bolt at the bottom of the radiator) BEFORE filling with coolant.
Be sure that you have all the hoses tighten and in the right places.
When you start the engine turn the a/c controls to heat and open the blower to the minimum stage. Don't place the radiator cap yet. Wait until the engine gets hot and give the circuit the chance to get all the air out of the system. When the water starts to boil (you will know that when bubbles appear and the coolant level gets higher) place the radiator cap and wait for the radiator fan to start. In the meanwhile check for any possible leaks.

I hope that helps, enjoy,
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