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About 2 hours work working at a leisurely pace.

1. Jack up front of car and rest on axle stands
2. Remove under tray (4 x 8mm bolts)
3. Undo top bolts on grill and lift to remove (4 x 8mm bolts)
4. Undo radiator drain plug and drain approx. 2 litres of coolant
5. Remove air intake pipes on both sides, they just pull off
6. Disconnect plug from fan assembly (n/s top)
7. Disconnect pipe to expansion tank and lift out of the way
8. Disconnect top hose from engine block but leave on radiator
9. Pop the clips on top of the fan assembly and lift out
10. Undo the top bolts holding the condenser to the radiator 2 x 10mm)
11. Pop off the top clips on the radiator
12. Underneath undo the two aircon pipes.
13. Undo the bracket holding the pipes to the radiator surround.
14. I broke both of these and had to drill out the captive bolts on the bracket and replace them. Soaking in WD 40 may help
15. Push radiator back towards engine.
16. Lift out the condenser
17. There are 2 oval rubber grommets on the top which need to be put onto the new condenser
18. Reverse procedure to replace
19. Fit new O rings to the condenser pipes
20. Don’t forget to top up with coolant
21. Get the system recharged and check for leaks
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