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Hello everyone, sorry if someone already posted this topic, look in the search box but didn't get much from it. maybe I am wording it incorrectly. :/ anyways, my driver side mirror has faded out, it has this yellow tint to it now.. :/ and I was wondering if anyone knows a good place just to order the replacement mirror, (I don't want to replace the body) just the mirror lins, I looks on ebay and amazon, and I am afraid to order because it might not match with my passenger side. it just has a generic photo of a mirror... here are the links to the sites, which I want to order. lmk what you all think..

1999 - 2004 MERCEDES BENZ SLK230 Flat Driver Side Replacement Mirror Glass : : Automotive


I just don't want to start ordering parts yet, so if anyone knows a better site lmk!!

2nd problem

My PSE is out, I tried cleaning it and remove all the water stain on the unit (which I spent some time again on the forums, tried everything what people has suggested to do!), but it is a lost hope. again I see them online and they are not cheap for a new unit! and to afraid to buy a used one, which I feel I end up having the same issues, and the pictures you can tell they have water stains. :/ if anyone knows a place that refurbish them or a site that you trust to order from. send the links my way please and thank you!

and one more thing! :) my armrest clip is broken, so it doesn't like to stay shut, is there a place where I can just order the clip ??

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