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I've started out on my first repair after buying my slk200.
After turning the wheels all the way to the left and removing the front wheel rear-side wheel well guard, I spotted the old pump with signs of leaking windscreen washer fluid.
First I removed all the washer fluid via connecting-vessels-method to prevent a large amount of washer fluid leaking away.

I removed the pump and seal, and cleaned the area around the hole.
The bracket holding the pump in place was already broken at the right hand fixing point. Probably a previous repair by a non-MB garage. The old pump was a VDO.

I inserted a new seal into the reservoir and put the new Hella pump into the seal. After connecting the hose, I noticed a light drip at the 90°connector towards the spray units when testing the pump. After removing the hose and pump, I applied some white silicone tape to both the inlet and outlet of the pump.
After reconnecting the hose and inserting the pump into the reservoir, the dropping no longer occurred.

Least fun: getting the plastic plugs back in to fix the wheel well guard to the bottom of the car...

Question: next to the pump there was an unused white plug. Is this used in case a front light spray unit is installed?

Thanks for your feedback,


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