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My 2005 SLK 350 has had the loud clicking noise when opening and closing the door for a long time. I recently researched this issue in the forum and found the help and inspiration I needed to tackle this myself.
I bought the two piece hinge assembly on eBay although it is just the part connected to the car body that needs replaced, not the part connected to the door.
I slid the new hinge part in and secured with the screw at the top that connects the hinge to the door. I then had to pry the hinge open so that I could bolt the hinge to the body. This was a little difficult as I had to get the shim in place. I had my wife hold the door so that it did not drop onto the base. I am please to say that the door closed perfect and needed no adjustment.
New Genuine Mercedes-Benz Hinge 1717200337 / 171-720-03-37 OEM -$100 and iridium silver paint also from eBay - $40

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