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Now I have a Reason to move back to Europe.:smile::smile:

The Renault Alpine has been hit with delays caused by a falling out with Caterham. However, the revival of the iconic coupe is edging closer to becoming reality, and we have leaked patent images. If this is what the Alpine looks like, we're going to start saving.

Aimed squarely at the sort of people who would otherwise buy a Porsche Cayman, the Renault 2-door is just as unique as the Alfa Romeo 4C. And like the Italian machine, it will most likely use a four-cylinder turbocharged engine, of 1.6 or 2.0-liter displacement.

Scheduled to debut in 2016, the Alpine has already been previewed by the Celebration concept that was presented at Le Mans. But what does it actually look like as a production car? Well, almost the same.

These images were published on the WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization, where they were picked up by Planet-GT. Differences include new wheels (similar to the Megane RS), projector headlights and a single centrally mounted exhaust instead of two installed on either side.

However, the slimmed down side mirrors and flush door handles suggest this is a pre-production concept, which may be shown to entice customers into placing deposits. This could be the Frankfurt debut we keep hearing about.

Designed and built as a two-seater coupe with retro lines, the Alpine Celebration was released last week to mark 60 years since the Alpine brand was founded by Jean Redele in 1955. It's a bit awkward that the sportscar was originally scheduled to be launched this year, but we'll be happy with any new mid-engined machine that isn't a Porsche.

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