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i have searched the forum and think i have got this right.
i have an early R170 230. uk model.

1)when trying to unlock i have to stand right beside the car and point fob at rear view mirror. (may take 2 or 4 presses. :mad: ) there is no visible aerial. (bumper?)
i am thinking as unlocking is done by I/R not R/F there is nothing i can do to boost distance from car to unlock with system fitted at the moment.:confused:

2)ref; the aerial. can i fix a better (still hiden) aerial to help with reception which is ok most of time? most posts say new one on l/h/r wing. (a pal said maybe on front windscreen )

any advice or thoughts gratefully received.

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Remote control of convertible top - open and close your convertible top using the original factory remote control key fob.
Passive mode - allow factory test equipment to be utilized without causing irregularities in their read-outs.
Extra chirp signal function - when operating the power locks, the horn sounds once briefly. (this can be turned off)
Open/Close top while driving - open and close the top while driving up to 38 mph.
Individually programmable - configure features/functions of the smartTOP module to meet your personal preferences.
One Touch Top - 'one touch' convertible top operation allows you to open and close automatically.
Extra top convenience mode - turning the ignition on or off does not interrupt convertible top operations.

Here I am over 200 feet away operating top and of course unlocking door

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Try new batteries in the remote and check the connections on the aerial amp , behind carpet on the left hanside of the boot ?

If you had good reception before and suddenly don't , if it's not the batteries and you haven't touched / modded anything in the car recently , you amplifier may have gone !
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