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Christopher “Chris” Burden (April 11, 1946 – May 10, 2015), who passed away last week, was a pioneering artist who emerged at the forefront of the art world for his early work in performance art. During a time period when performance and conceptual art seemed overly trivial and increasingly irrelevant, Burden’s work was a break with tradition because of the involvement from the artist himself.
Burden often inserted himself into his work—for his 1971 graduate thesis from art school, Burden spent five days stuffed in a book locker with a bottle of water above and a bottle for urine below. He had a friend shoot him in the arm with a .22 rifle in a work titled “Shoot.” And you can't get much more involved than crucifying yourself to the body of a Volkswagen Beetle.

Art comes in so many different Ways like an SLK 55:smile:

Remember Chris Burden, a Man Who Made Art with Machines | Petrolicious
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