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I was reading some of those news articles you see on various news webpages. The MSN page had several cars articles, reviews, best or worst, etc. bits to read.

One was Car & Driver's The 15 Cheapest Luxury Cars You Can Buy and I wondered which cars they would list. Interesting until I came upon Number 6. (my bold)

6. 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-class - $33,495

The A-class is the smallest Mercedes-Benz you can buy, at least next to the relatively obscure two-seat SLC roadster. It also is the cheapest, starting at only $33,495. ...
My first reaction was 'What????' 'Relatively obscure?????' 'Really????'

But then I thought about this for a bit. You truly don't read or see much on the SLK/SLC. I have searched the Internet to watch a lot of videos and read articles on the SLKs. The cars are not well known.

And do you know what?

That doesn't bother me one bit...... In fact, that is a plus for me. I will wear that 'relatively obscure' badge with pride.

After all, at least for me, it means most people don't know the goodness they are missing.... :wink:

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Have to agree. I "surreptiously" watch pedestrians while I drive by. I see the "whats that" look :wink:

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Think of it like this.

Ferraris, Porsche etc are two a penny, for much more money.

You have exclusivity, performance, reliability etc at a fraction of the price.

I'd say that is smart thinking folk.

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Time to repost :D

You will notice people behind you pointing when you are stopped at lights. as they take pics, you one touch the inside button and the show starts as you drive off
If i am at a restaurant and can see my car from my table, i will smarttop the car when people are stopping to check it out
they look around like what is happening
pull up to another convertible, non mercedes, and say
nice car...i should have got a convertible also
hit the one touch goes down
then say...oh look at that...i did get the convertible option!
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