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Came off Motorway roundabout onto a 'duel' carriageway and thought I'd have a nice topless run.

There's a slight bend leading onto a set of lights, then a glorious straight.
Bobby likes to wait on the bend for just such occasions, so caution first.

Ended up behind a Porche Carrera with a huge tea tray on the back.

Both rolling at 30mph and both 'hungry'.

He had juice, but the AMG had more. I wasn't expecting that.
He got out of the way and both of us shut down as there was a red light looming.
I stayed back expecting him to pull back into the outside lane, but he wouldn't.

So I took the lead.

Only a short stretch of two lane fun left, but enough to underline the AMGs power.

Caught up with me a mile up the road (neither of us pushed, as traffic picked up).
He didn't spot Bobby at the island and was shouting something about not realising it was a 55.

Bobby followed him onto the M'way and not me onto the A road, where a host of Bobbies were playing with the holiday traffic.

I thought it would have been closer, with the Porche edging it.

Maybe there are some 'hidden' goodies under the hood.

off to find a tanzanite metallic blue sticker for the wing.

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911 Carrera

With a title like "Red Tea Tray", I almost did not read this one. Thought perchance that the OP had been racing Granny-Mum to the local Bridge Game.

911 Carrera? That is a quality kill Lad. Beats picking on Civics and VW's, lol. I always loved the Porsches. I got to drive a mid-80's era 911 Carrera once. It was underwhelming. Felt like a big torque VW beatle (I hear the newer ones are better?). They do have a certain something that most sportscars lack. Apparently though the "something" is not horsepower. The 944T and the 928S are two of my fav's.

Well Done... Irish
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