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Rear Shock Replacement 2004 SLK 320

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If you are attempting to replace rear shocks on your SLK, this might be a good tip to make the process easy.

Start the process by removing the top shock nut with the tire still on the car. Then raise the car, remove the wheel and place a small jack securley under the swing arm below the shock. Remove the lower shock mount bolt.

1. Use the small jack to raise the swing arm and compress the shock
2. Tie a strong string around the bottom of the shock and attach it to the top of the shock to keep the shock compressed.
3. Lower the swing arm by slowly releasing the jack cylinder.
4. Remove the shock. Simple and fast.

Sorry for the sloppy instructions. Next time, I will create the document first and then drop it in to the thread!:|
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Hi there Jerry and thanks for the tip, very useful!

I intend to replace mine soon and so I will definitely take on your advice. :cool:
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