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Thankyou to all who contributed to my post,answers to a few.
Yes exhaust is starting to get corroded especially around hangers ,had to have a repair. There are no holes as yet but thought I would strike whilst the iron was hot and get a Stainless system from the flanged joint behind the Y piece.
I had trolled the EBay site and seen all second hand exhausts but as I said I want a new stainless one.
I came across a system called Powerflow. Has anyone got any knowledge of these or had a system fitted by them?
Apparently you go to them and they creat a system for you?
Again thanks to all. Regards. Ewrvt

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Original thread:

You may find this thread gets move there.

You can reply to your own threads.
That way it makes more sense to a first time reader.

Not everyone reads the forum daily and someone who may be able to help might miss the original thread.
Even though you kept the same title (bar the 'Re').

You still haven't mention a target cost. That might help with answers.
One mans cheap can be anothers expensive.

Good luck with your hunt.
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