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In these moments, I am so glad to be able to work with Vediamo, and activate stuff, that I wouldn't be able to do, otherwise.

I wrote a guide, awhile ago, about activating High beam assist, using Vediamo, and I urged people to go and add the option into their VeDoc, afterwards, even though it costs a wobbly 150 EUR.

It's what I did (Or at least I tried), because I already overwritten these settings, while doing online coding, twice.

The dealership made the request to Germany. They said it will take a few days, because they will send a CD with some kind of software, in order to "justify" the 150 EUR cost.

Well, after 3 weeks of waiting, we get the response that they will not do it, because this option code is not usually available on my vehicle.

It's not enough that I have all the hardware, it's not enough that I already activated it in Vediamo, and it works flawlessly, they just won't do it.

As a side note, the hardware was there when the car was manufactured, it's not a retrofit.

Earlier this year, I also learned that code 233, which stands for Distronic Plus, has also been restricted from being added to VeDoc, starting Dec 2018.

Why? Because it's a safety option (dealing with breaking), and so, if done improperly, it poses a risk.
Steve Krabbenborg himself has also been restricted from adding this code.
He's been doing retrofits for over 20 years. He's even doing retrofits for Daimler, when cars have been manufactured wrong (eg. an option has been forgotten to be added to a car a client ordered), he's the person Daimler goes to.

So let me put it this way:
With Vediamo in place, will people not be tempted to add this option anyway?
Will they not go through Vediamo, and activate the properties one by one, manually?

Is it more risky, than being able to code it online, as it was previously possible? It sure is!

So are these restrictions logical?
In my humble opinion, they really aren't!
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