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Hello SLKWorld,

My stock radio cuts out on the left channel intermittently. If I stand on the throttle, the right channel will come back on, which makes for an interesting occurrence as the engine and radio volume simultaneously ramp up!

Was curious if anyone had a way to isolate this to the radio unit or the amplifier... Or has anyone else had this happen and which unit did you replace. Either unit is reasonably inexpensive used but I would like to not have to go into the whole "radio" code thing if I really don't have to.


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I have no experience of the OEM Audio in these Cars, but if they are anything like other MB's, I would get the Car on SDS and it will likely tell you what is faulty ......................

I doubt there will be any other Diagnostic Kit that will access the Audio System.


Cheers Dave

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I don't think they use pots as it's a "forever turns forward/backward" so I found this elsewhere

Re: Car audio volume control question

Factory radio or aftermarket?? We run into that alot on the GM/Pontiac radios, quick fix is to pull the knob off, chuck a cordless drill onto the shaft and spin it for about 10-20 seconds one way then the other. This'll usually fix it.
Worth a shot. I'd be careful with the speed f/b but other than that....... It may just be gummed up with air pollution.
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