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2003 SLK 320
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Installed a new Bluetooth single din radio with backup camera today.

I followed the radio installation instructions in another thread which worked very well. I did find that the harness I bought came with RCA connections for the speakers. They were very easy to connect but did not get very loud, only about 50% volume when turned ask the way up. I cut the RCA plugs off and wired into the normal speaker wires and all solved. Hope this helps someone else.

Also installed a backup camera. There is not much on that for the R170's. I could not figure out how to get a wire from the cabin to the trunk. I found that if you take off the striker plate at the top of the door jam on the passenger side, pull back the door seal then pull back the carpet a bit there is a wire easy to the trunk. Just leave plenty of slack for the trunk lid motions. A 5 meter cable was long enough.

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