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R171 won't start after battery change.

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Hi guys. Happy new year to you all.
I posted a thread before Christmas regarding my r171 / K200 not starting after a new battery was fit. I had one reply thank you but still no joy.
To bring you up to speed. I wrapped my car up for winter and after 4 wks decided to start it but found the battery was flat! I replaced this with a new fully charged one. I went to start it and reluctantly it started but not like it used to IE turn let go and it starts, I had to hold key over. I thought ok so I recalibrate the windows and all ok. After a short while I tried to start the car again but nothing, all dash lights ok but on second turn of key nothing but the lights on the dash stayed on then the cooling fan kicked in going to high speed? I was advised to disconnect the battery for a while then reconnect and allow the system to wake up before starting but this didn't work, still the fan comes on?
Can any one help as I can't get the car to a garage.
Regards. Ewrvt
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new fully charged one as in not a new battery but a new fully charged one?

see my difference? was it a brand, spanking new battery you put in or you just charged the same battery or another not new battery? it makes a difference :D

battery put in might have been bad/on the shelf too long/was it tested?
Battery condition.

Thanks. Jeff, yes the battery was brand new and fully charged.
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remove negative for a minimum of 30 mins?
then reconnect and reset windows and clock?

cables tight and grounded?

and you should get a battery charger like the ctek 4.3
Thanks will give it another try as its been disconnected since before xmas,
That's if it ever stops raining .
disconnected but charging since xmas? i hope
slks cannot be without power for more than a few days, 4 at most
Check that the battery terminals and the earths to the chasis are well tightened...
My R171 used to get a bit cranky (maybe it felt neglected) after some time with a disconnected battery when I was away for a month or so. The remedy was always to do the 'usual' careful reconnection in required sequence with a freshly checked and charged battery, fire the brute up and take it for a spin. The window recalibration was always a joy (after I once forgot to do it on a dark and stormy night!!) and the car usually displayed a Miss Grumpy character until the steering wheel had gone from lock to lock.
You have my sympathy about the rain... Still; wait for the floods to subside, don't try to start the car until you can take it out for a run, and even if you are constantly circling the block, don't stop for at least ten minutes!
Hi there, sorry to learn of your battery woes. We went through similar times.

I would suggest you get the New battery checked to ensure it has full charge and is not faulty. MB's do like a really strong battery, perhaps yours is not strong enough.

Anyway, if all OK, only connect it when you are able to take the car out for a drive. You say it did start (sluggishly) with the New battery, but did you take the car out for a good drive.. or not ??

Try again, hopefully it will start with New fully-charged and checked-out battery..then hit the open road for an hour or two. On returning home, connect the battery to a c-tech as Jeff suggests. We connect ours every time now, just before we close the garage doors..

good luck.

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