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2009 SLK200
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I have a 2009 SLK and recently the drivers door locking was hanging out of the handle. The first worry that someone had tried to break in was unfounded but on pulling lock out with cables still attached showed that a Torx screw should be holding it in place. On inspection I could see the end of the thread so off to work. I searched for a solution with no luck so I followed the leads to remove the door panel not particularly easy although one tip is to make sure window is down. Once panel was off I discovered it was not totally necessary so I hope photos will assist others
1. Remove metal plate at top outside edge of door taking out the 3 Torx screws.
2. Once plate is off peal back round sticky path mine was pale blue.
3. Now carefully pull away the rubber backing.
4. This now reveals a small hole just big enough for your Torx screwdriver.
5. Now push lock back into place I found it easier to visually locate screwdriver into the Torx before pushing lock bank in.
6. Now tighten Torx so lock is secure.
7. Replace in reverse order.

This saves all that work of removing door panel..
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