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I went on a more spirited drive today and am very pleased with the results. I intended to take more pictures during the evolution to make a decent DIY. Once I started I mostly forgot to take pictures. I’ll post a few I did take.

Special tool: I used a JTC-4693 Benz Engine Fixing Screws Wrench (16MM) Available many places. Other brands also available
A couple External Torx sockets: E10 and E12
Other basic tools
A trusty, smooth operating jack for raising and lowering the engine with some finesse

Raise car to comfortable, safe working height.
Remove front wheels.
Remove under panels.
Disconnect sway bar at the strut on both side and remove chassis mounting brackets. Disconnect ride height level sensor from right side of sway bar. This allows the bar to be pushed forward in order to remove/install mounts.
Remove the accessory belt from the A/C compressor pulley by relieving the tension on the idler pulley. Much easier to do from below. Leave the belt otherwise in place for easy reinstallation.
Support A/C compressor from above. Remove 3 bolts mounting it. I used string around the pulley and a bungy around the aft rigid refrigerant line.
Remove 3 bolts holding power steering line.
The previous steps enable the mount to come forward rather than disconnecting the exhaust and accessing from the rear. It is a tight fit. Push the A/C compressor forward and move the power steering line as required while removing/installing the mounts.
Loosen (but not remove) the 3 bolts holding the transmission mount to the cross member. This allows the transmission to freely raise with the engine.
For jacking engine from below: remove wiring mounting bracket from transmission bell housing in order to lift with a block of wood on the jack.
I completed one side at time. Maybe it’s easier to have both mounts removed simultaneously. I didn’t want the engine completely supported by the jack.
Confirm you can get the new mounts past the sway bar before removing the old.
Remove the lower bolt of the mount. Loosen the top bolt with the special tool.
Raise the engine slightly. Remove the top bolt and metal shield.
Raise the engine enough to remove the old mount. Note the orientation of the old mount alignment tab and metal shield.
Insert the new mount. Ensure the alignment tab of the new mount is correct. The engine will likely have to be raised even higher since the removed mount has probably collapsed some.
Start a few threads on the bottom bolt.
Slowly lower the engine ensuring the mount alignment tab is in the correct position.
Once the tab is in the slot, install the metal shield and start the top bolt. Torque to spec. Hand tighten the lower bolt.
Lower the engine completely. Torque the lower bolt.
Reassemble everything and enjoy a spirited drive once you are sure everything is in order.

End link disconnected. Remove U-bolt and bolt and let the sensor arm hang.

One of the sway bar brackets to be removed.


Transmission mount bolts to be loosened. Transmission wiring bracket partially removed. Lift from here. Don't pinch any wires or lines.


I removed the airbox and panel behind it to confirm nothing was being pinched. I don't think it was necessary. The exhaust was the lifting limiting factor. Obviously the airbox must come off if you are lifting from above with an engine hoist.


Passenger side access. Lots of room here.


Driver side. Yes it fits. Push the sway bar and A/C compressor forward and move the power steering line as needed:

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