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The Northern California SLK Enthusiasts had another great California meet and drive on February 19, 2011. :rb

We have to thank Mark & Jan for leading a great event!

We met in Stockton, drove up the California foothills to Jackson, on through Volcano, up around through Fiddletown, and then wound up lunching at The Pizza factory in Plymouth. :Beer:

10 cars at the meet & drive & lunch...for a cold winter day...WOW!

CRANK UP THE SOUND on your computer!

A QuickTime show of the latest Northern California SLK Enthusiasts meet and drive can be seen here:

ENJOY! :tu:

As usual, here are some links to past events.
QuickTime's of the events back to January of 2005 can be found on this website:

QuickTime player for the PC or MAC is available free at:

Thanks to all who participated!!!

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