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Just launched, this is our latest developed 'Sports' Exhaust System for the Mercedes AMG Range.

Widely quoted as being 'the best car in the world' the SLS's huge & relatively high revving V8 engine has the capability to produce a sound unlike anything else. Coupled with MB's latest gearbox software that provides the 7 speed box with extra-fast changes - enhancing the sound-mix up and down the gears.

QuickSilver's newest Sports Exhaust system provides the SLS with a rumble, a road and crisp howl. But all with the ability to remain civil when required. A straightforward 'bolt-on' installation that requires no other modifications or retuning. A significant weight reduction is an extra bonus.

For full details please click here

We will post a sound track as soon as we have one.

For details on price please email : [email protected]

Retail price £,2850.00 (ex VAT) UK GBP

The QuickSilver Team

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