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My Lady and I just turned from a quick trip to Denver to visit my family. We left on Thursday, stayed Friday/Saturday and returned Sunday. We took La Bête as this was the maiden trip with our Roadsterbag fitted luggage. I will offer a full report on the luggage in the appropriate thread. Bottomline, the Roadsterbag set did what it needed to do.

We set off early Thursday morning at 0630 going west on I70. Top up, La Bête hummed along, eating up the miles. Arrived in Denver by 1430. West-bound I70, especially in Colorado, wasn’t in great shape. A lot of driving over ‘railroad ties’ and many asphalt patches on the roadway. We did hit a few bad holes that jarred La Bête, so a quick inspection of the rims was done on several occasions. We got pretty good spotting and avoiding holes.

Much of our driving in Denver was in my Mom’s GLC 300 or my sister’s Volvo wagon, so La Bête didn’t visit the Denver aquarium or go to the art’s fair. Mostly it was driving to-from where we were staying to my parents’ home. A surprise was that my brother wanted me to take my Rifle No. 4 Mk I* home with me. I hadn’t planed on that and was concerned that I might need to disassemble the rifle. Surprisingly the rifle did fit in the boot on top of the Roadsterbags, so one more problem solved.

The trip back was much better, the east-bound side of I70 was in much better condition. Left at 0730 (Central Time) and arrived home at 1515). We saw an oldish Model A-looking car on a trailer, but I didn’t get a close look. It didn’t look quite right as an A, but it will remain a mystery.

Overall, La Bête made the trip in 7h45m-ish each way cruising at a comfortable speed and stopping for lunch. MPG was 27.6. The air conditioner kept us both comfortable in the 90º+ heat. Biggest issue was bugs. La Bête had a bath both in Denver and immediately after unloading the car at home.

I didn’t take many pics, so here are the few. Some were taken through the bug-spotted windscreen. There are a lot of wind farms in western Kansas.


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