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Hello folks,

I am heading to Daytona to join my American friends celebrating July 4TH. AND OF COURSE I will be driving my SLK down there... for 2 weeks.

Ahh!!! The sun!!! The beach!!! Topless!!! What else can I ask for??? Of course the beers :Beer::Beer:.

I would want to know if you folks can recommend a reliable shop who can do some mod for me while I am down there? Looking to install 1.) smart top module. 2.) Carbon fiber wrap on pillar C (I think that's what you call it: the 2 black thingy located on both sides). 3.) Short antenna and may be more mod depending on how light my wallet gets while I am there!!!

Thank you in advance.



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Gee Dave. Half the fun of modding is doing it yourself.

The antenna swap takes 5 mins, no?

The old whip will screw off, and then the stub replaces it. But be advised, the base is in three parts. Aside from the whip, there is the black base fitting attached to the car, and an internal silver metal piece that is about five inches long to which the antenna and the cable to the radio attach. Both the cable and the whip are threaded onto this silver part at its respective ends. It's common for the internal part of the base to unscrew from the cable to the radio when you unscrew the whip. If that happens, no big deal. Inside your trunk is a panel on the left side that can be removed so you can reach inside to re-attach the cable. It's a tight fit but not hard
to do.

The same for the cf mod (see cf plunge), 30 mins.

measure - i think 7 x 20 x two pieces
clean with non alcohol
peel tape off
make sure no air bubbles
trim with xacto knife

I will let the east coasters answer your query. Have fun!

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Those are some great mods. If you stop by Chattanooga I can help you do them all. The SmartTop will take you two hours, the C pillars one, and the Shorty Antenna two minutes. (Unless you are talking about adding the coiled wire and then it will take an hour or so.) Or better yet buy it from the SLKStore and it will already have the coiled wire in it. - back to two minutes. :)

Plenty of SLKWorld folks in FL though and they may have some good info on shops.

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Hey Dave, you're coming down here for the 4th for two weeks? Lets get together for lunch/dinner/drinks!
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