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details of PSE replacement process

NB. If dome light issues brought you here: (courtesy of @Christopher Goodwin )

On the connector to the dome light
Pin 1 is the cable to the boot light (goes to +12V when the doors or trunk are opened)
Pin 2 is the chassis (so should always be 0V)
Pin 3 is the control signal from the lighting controller (N10-3) This should go to +12V when the doors or trunk are opened.
Pin 4 is permanent +12V from the battery via fuse 9
Pins 5 & 6 are not connected

Pin 3 supplies power from the lighting controller N10-3 when the doors or trunk are open, and I have +12v there all the time until time out, then it could be the N10-3 that is bad, not the PSE?

[EDIT to add vac codes:-
Thanks to @Dave2302

A lot of the list below isn't fitted to R170 but this might be good to put somewhere for reference as it will apply to all PSE's on all MB's .............

MB abbreviations for PSE Functions:-

FKS = Head Restraints
KAF = Head Restraints
HECK = Boot (Trunk) Lock
TD = Fuel Flap
MKL = Left and Right Front Seats
FT = Right Front Door
BFT = Left Front Door
FOL = Left Rear Door
FOR = Right Rear Door
SK = Optional Security Boot (Trunk) Locks

Now in the R170 case it really won't matter if you get 'em wrong, as their are only 3 so some functions must be interconnected, ............

If weird things happen swap a couple until it works right ;)

If you choose to learn a tad, get a small Vac Pump like "Mity Vac" and apply a Vacuum to each pipe in turn, see which of the Door Buttons moves and when, label that pipe, go to next pipe ....................

etc etc so now you know which pipe does what you can look at the above listings on your PSE Pump and plug 'em in :)

HTH :)_



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