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PORSCHE fakes do exist and, in some cases, they can be very convincing, too. Just like designer fakes, some knock-offs of cars tend to follow the details of the original so closely that it takes a trained eye to spot the difference.

This isn’t the case here. A “Porshce” Cayenne was spotted in traffic in Melbourne, Australia and whoever saw it also had the inspiration to snap of photo of it. They sent it to the local media and it went viral almost immediately.

It’s not difficult to understand why: here’s a guy or gal driving something that looks like a Cayenne but has one glaring, hilarious typo in the badge on the rear. This begs the question: is this person driving a fake and they don’t care, or is this some sort of prank that’s being played on fellow motorists? After all, badges can be altered, if you have the time and money (and the inclination) to do it.

Well, one thing is certain. Porsche wants the world to know that, even if this is an original Cayenne, that typo is not their fault.

In a statement to the Daily Mail Australia, the carmaker says each vehicle passes rigorous examinations before shipping and that includes 2 mandatory checks for the badges. So, no, this wasn’t a case of a Porsche employee forgetting his glasses at home and somehow missing the typo.

“Our attention to detail and quality control is second to none so I can’t envisage that happening on our end,” the statement says. “At the factory in Germany one of the key things that we check is that all badging is correct.”

“It's then checked again during the pre-delivery inspection at the dealership in Australia as well. It's on two separate checklists. We do those things on every single car and take quality control extremely seriously,” the statement adds.

Furthermore, the Cayenne is an older model, so whoever is driving it has had it for some time. In other words, it’s impossible they don’t know the rear badge is misspelled.

OH OH somebody here on this forum needs to check the vin sticker to make sure it reads Zuffenhausen so he will not get in trouble with wife ...:laugh::laugh:

Dumped by Girlfriend after His Porsche Macan Proved to Be Chinese Knock-Off

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