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Hi all - I may soon be the owner of a 2001 SLK320, with 56K miles. The SLK is in great condition and truly drives remarkable for being near 20 years old. Before I pull the trigger, I'd though I'd check in here for you experienced owners and ask if there are any items I should pay particular attention to before buying. It's being sold through a local Lexus dealer.

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome. The car looks good (I did an auto trader search) and the CarFax looks good. A Pre-Purchase Inspection (150-250 dollars from a Mercedes Dealer or a Independent {indy} repair shop) might be money well spent. They can do a deep scan with the STAR (or what ever software is appropriate for 2001) diagnostics to see if are any codes that a Lexus dealer can't see when they do a simple OBD II scan. If it is clean of any codes then you know that you are at the beginning getting a driver rather than a car you have start fixing. If it has codes that you feel comfortable fixing without having to spend money at a garage, then you have a bargaining point to get a much lower price. Don't buy an old Mercedes that you have to take to a garage to fix, its almost as expensive to take an older Mercedes to a garage as it is to take a brand new one. A few things like an alignment almost have to be done at a garage, but anything you can put a wrench to will save you thousands of dollars in repair costs.

I would suggest that you get a build sheet (Data Sheet) here from the forum so that you are aware of all the features that came on the car from the factory. FREE!! How to get a free datacard!

I would suggest that you get a Car pickup check sheet here from the forum. New/Used vehicle pickup checklist (R170/R171/R172) and Buying a 171 - What to look for (Guide)

2 key fobs are nice (buying a new one is a couple of hundred dollars).
A fabric wind draft blocker is nice (at least a hundred dollars).
Owners manual is nice (you can download one off the internet).
Spare tire is a necessity (you can get a 12 volt air compressor for 20-30 dollars, but the tire is 2-300 dollars).

The price on this car is not unreasonable in my opinion, but I am sure that dealers have 10-15% wiggle room and I would start at a lower price. If any of the above items are missing I would make them offer to pay for the missing items. I like to play the reluctant buyer and have purchased many cars for my family and often get deals, because I will make offers based on similar cars in a 250 mile radius and am willing to walk out of the dealership, you can always come back tomorrow and pay full price, but most of the time if your offer is reasonable, they will stop you before you get out of the showroom.

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Hi from Florida!

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Welcome from the Sacramento Valley SLK Enthusiasts!
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