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It was the older version of the new one, pretty much the one with the wing on it, I was going home on highway 5th ring, the start of the highway then I spotted multiple porsche turbo groups goin abit fast and I wasn't ready enough, I pushed the sport button + M, saw the last one coming so I joined in.

Am a very good driver when it comes to lane switching even tho the SLK slips abit and may go off the road and crash, so I used my wild card ( Put something on the driver seat with tops off to make you see everything ) so I knew where all cars coming and where the gaps are.

Well it's a porsche turbo so that's it self is a cheat going after me so I had to see everything lol, anyways bout 2 minutes switching lanes he got stucked then got mad that I won, he went into the safe lane ( it's where the car stops for emergency heat or tire, it also has some street pumps so yeah OUCH ) he caught up to me but still switch here and there, you're done buddy go train more, it doesn't mean you will win if you have a fast car, the driver should know and not fear the roads.

anyway hi am SLK350 xD
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