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I have to agree.:grin:

A couple of years ago, some people found a way to combine taxidermy with cars. No, it's not about Chuck Testa, it's wrapping cars with velvet.

A particular kind of vinyl was created, durable enough to stand up to the weather and yet think and flexible. It needed to be wrapped around the complex shapes that defined a car, after all. The first and probably most famous velvet car cover was a Ferrari 599 supercar that paraded around London.

This one is a Stuttgart creation that didn't even leave its hometown. It's a 996-generation Porsche 911 Carrera S covered in black and was spotted at the same convention where we saw a 918 Spyder replica based on the Cayman. Besides the wrap, this car also has a conversion to the 997 headlights and aftermarket taillights, but we can tell what it is by looking at the interior.

About a week ago, we presented a Fiat 500 with fur that looked like a Labrador. But the Porsche 911 in velvet is more like a mouse. The wrap is immaculately done, despite the complex shape of the German sportscar. That hunching back makes it look like a squatting animal. All it needs is a tail, whiskers and a nose.

A second-hand 996 can be as cheap as €12,000, but we still think it's a shame to treat one like this. Maybe the wrap money would be better spent on repairs. So if a Porsche is a mouse, what makes a good cat car? Probably a Jaguar!

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