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The Insurance Company will have questions.....:grin::grin:

The Nurburgring is currently closed, with the track receiving updates for the 2019 season (more on that below), but the adventures that took place during the end of the 2018 session still require our attention. For instance, we've brought along a crash that had never been documented before, with the accident involving a Porsche 911 GT3

The accident, which took place on October 3rd, saw the 996-generation GT3 losing control while doing 246 km/h (152 mph). As the driver explains in the video below, he was going all in on the generous straight ahead of Schwedenkreuz and had just passed the bump when he noticed a marshal waving a yellow flag.

The aficionado stepped on the brakes (he claims the impulse wasn't serious, but the accident footage makes things seem a bit different), with the car instantly veering off to the left. Perhaps it was this, or the brake bias of the vehicle, or maybe the irregularities in the track surface.

Despite the driver's countersteering effort, the Neunelfer soon went into the guardrail nose-first and the initial impact wasn't the only one.

In an interview delivered a while after the accident, the driver explains that the initial ka-bang took place at 200 km/h (124 mph). Fortunately, safety elements like the roll cage and the six-point racing harness kept the driver safe, as the man walked away unharmed.

There were no airbags to deploy, since the 911 had been given a track treatment, with the said passive safety elements having been removed.

In fact, we can notice him exiting the vehicle and heading for safety behind the guardrail, which is the best decision one can make, since the danger of another vehicle hitting the damaged car is immense.

Note that while the piece of footage below shows the man delivering the said interview from behind the wheel of a GT3 RS, the moment of the crash can be found at the 2:42 point of clip, with the video offering scenes captured from both inside and outside the ruined Porscha.

Speaking of which, while the 911 GT3 sustained heavy damage, the flat-six machine wasn't totaled, with the thing set to return to its hooning activities soon.

P.S.: We'll remind you that we covered the 2019 Nurburgring changes in a dedicated article, with these including smoothing out the Schwedenkreuz area.

check out the video here
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