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Tire and suspension advances make a world of a difference when one is lapping the Nurburgring and nothing showcases it better than this week's 24 H Classic race. So while you're used to check out modern cars losing it all on the Ring, the endurance event saw multiple classics getting crashed. And we're now here to focus on the accident of an air-cooled Porsche 911.

With the help of the piece of footage below, we can see the first-generation 911 losing the rear end in a move that seems so typical of the pendulum effect (think: rear-engined configuration).

Given the age of the car, its configuration means that the driver couldn't do all that much to bring the rear end back in line once the dance kicked off. Speaking of the advances we mentioned in the intro, we'll remind you that, for instance, one of the key ingredients for the 6:56 lap time of the 2019 GT3 RS is the rubber, with the track special wearing all-new Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tires.

Returning to the air-cooled 911 accident we have here, we have to mention that it didn't take long until the Porscha hit the metallic element on the side track. And given the hefty velocity of the machine, bringing it to a halt was anything but easy.

This air-cooled Neunelfer wasn't the only classic that was seriously bruised during this year's edition of the Nurburgring 24 Hour Classic.

To be more precise, we're talking about the session that took place on Friday, May 11th. That's when a Ford GT40 was involved in a crash that doesn't seem all that different to the one of the Porscha we have here.

However, the Blue Oval racecar was still (somewhat) drivable after the impact, with the driver managing to take the beast out of the dange zone after the accident.

P.S.: The session that saw the Porsche 911 getting ruined also included an oil spill that caused mayhem on the track, as you'll notice in the video.

I guess that is the risk you take racing classic cars.:|
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