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In case you’re wondering how he could possibly be responsible if he was so obviously distracted while at the wheel, we’ll explain: he was at the wheel, but the car was stationary. The Smoking Gun has obtained the police report filed this week after the rather-hilarious incident.

“When Sergeant Kyle Smith of the Washington State Patrol last night spotted a car on the shoulder of a road near the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, he assumed the vehicle was somehow disabled,” the publication says.

Smith got out of his patrol and approached the vehicle to see if whoever was inside needed assistance of any kind. Imagine his shock when he found the driver, whose identity isn’t revealed in the official documents, playing Pokemon Go on 8 separate cellphones. The dude had even devised a makeshift foam carrier rig that allowed him to have all phones in plain sight and within easy access at all times.

“The driver, cops say, agreed to put the phones in the car’s rear seat before resuming his commute,” the publication adds. “The motorist, who was not identified by police, was not cited for distracted driving or any vehicular violations.”

Of course, the outcome of this run-in with the police would have been wildly different if the man had been playing while the car was in motion.

All jokes aside, using your cellphone when you’re driving is reckless and illegal. Regardless of whether you’re reading emails, sending texts, talking with someone or checking Facebook, using your phone at the wheel is a distraction that can have fatal consequences, both for you and other motorists or pedestrians on the road at the same time as you.
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